Mammals D. melanogaster S. cerevisiae S. pombe Function
NIPBL/SCC2 Nipped-B Scc2 Mis4 Cohesin loading
MAU2/SCC4 Mau2 Scc4 Ssl3 Cohesin loading
ESCO1 Eco/Deco Eco1/Ctf7 Eso1 Cohesion establishment
PDS5A Pds5 Pds5 Pds5 Cohesion maintenance
WAPL/WAPAL Wapl Rad61/Wpl1 Wpl1 Cohesion maintenance
SORONIN/CDCA5 Dmt (Dalmatian) - - Cohesion maintenance
HDAC8 - Hos1 - Cohesindacetylase
Shugosin1 Sse1 Esp1   Protection of centromeric cohesion
Separase Sse1 Esp1 Separase Cohesin removal
Polo like Kinase 1 (PLK1) Polo Cdc5 Plk1 Cohesin removal
Table 2: Regulatory proteins involved in the cohesion cycle.