Figure 2: The DNA constructs with the coding sequences for human recombinant DNase1, DNase1L3, DNase2, DFFB (hrDNases) were delivered by anti-EGFRvIII (B,E) and anti-EGFR (C,F) antibody guided vectors into the nuclei of EGFRvIII + or EGFR+ over-expressing ovarian cancer cells from the patients’ ascites. Genomic DNA from these cells was isolated, electrophoresed, and stained. The reference ladders were 100bp (A) and 200bp (D). In the targeted and transduced cells, genomic DNA was completely degraded (B,C). In the cells, which were transduced with the reversed orientation vectors (E) or non-transfected (F), genomic DNA was retained in the loading wells.