Figure 5: Transduction of the EGFRvIII+ over-expressing ovarian cancer cells with the DNA constructs for the human recombinant DNase1, DNase1L3, DNase2, DFFB (hrDNases) resulted in complete destruction of their chromatin architecture (C,D). This could be compared with the state of collapse of chromatin architecture, which occurred as the results of ROSinduced apoptosis (A,B). In the rapidly cryo-immobilized EGFRvIII+ overexpressing cultured ovarian cancer cells, which were labeled with the antidsDNA superparamagnetic antibodies, chromatin architecture was revealed by EFTEM with the filter at the zero loss energy and contrast tuning (A) and distribution of the genomic DNA by ESI with the filter set at the Gd edge (B) [Malecki et al. 2013. WO2012048161]. HFW: 11.25 μm.