Figure 1: Rab25 expression alters cell sensitivity to TRAIL induced cell death. A) dose-dependent induction of cell death by FasL (left panel) and TRAIL (right panel) in ovarian HEY parental cells, *, p < 0.05 vs 0 ng/ml control. Ovarian HEY cells (1x 104) were treated with FasL or TRAIL with indicated dosage for 24h before detection of apoptosis. Effect of Rab25 expression on cell sensitivity toward (B) 100 ng/ml of FasL (*, p < 0.05 vs 0 ng/ml control) or (C) 100 ng/ml of TRAIL induced cell death (*, p < 0.05 vs pcDNA control). D) Rab25 expression promoted OPG secretion. *, p < 0.05 vs pcDNA control. E) Addition of exogenous OPG blocks TRAIL-induced cell death. a, p < 0.05 vs no drug treatment. b, p < 0.05 vs 100 ng/ml TRAIL treatment.