Figure 5: Electrophoresis in agarose gel illustrating the capability of plasmid DNA immobilization by Chitosan/PCL (lane a,b,c,d) and PCL nanoparticles (lane f,g,h,i). A) Different ratios Nanoparticles:DNA : a and f) 20:1 NP:pDNA; b and g) 15:1 NP:pDNA; c and h) 10:1 NP:pDNA; d and i) 5:1 NP:pDNA; control presented on lane e (free DNA plasmid). B) Different ratios Nanoparticles:HSA:DNA : a and e) 2.5:2.5:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; b and f) 1.875:1.875:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; c and g) 1.25:1.25:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; d and h) 0.6:0.6:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; control presented on lane I (free DNA plasmid).