Figure 6: Electrophoresis in agarose gel illustrating the capability of plasmid DNA protection by Chitosan/PCL nanoparticles. A) Protection revealed by a ratio of 2.5:1 NP:pDNA when submitted to diferent concentrations of DNase I: a) 0.25 U DNase I/μg DNA; b) 3.125X10-2 U DNase I/μg DNA; e) 1.25X10-2 U DNase I/μg DNA; g) 6.25X10-3 U DNase I/μg DNA; i) 1.25X10-3 U DNase I/μg DNA; k) 1.25X10-4 U DNase I/μg DNA; b, d, f, h, j, l are the respective controls with inactivated DNase I). Control presented on lane m (naked DNA plasmid). B) Protection revealed when different ratios NP:HSA:pDNA are submitted to a concentration of 1.25X10-2 U DNase I/μg DNA: b) 1.25:0.1:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; d) 1.25:0.075:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; f) 1.25:0.05:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; h) 1.25:0.025:1 NP:HSA:pDNA; c, e, g, i are the respective controls with inactivated DNase I. Control presented on lane A (naked DNA plasmid).