Figure 8: Transfection efficiency of Chitosan/PCL nanoparticles. After an exhausting study evaluating the ratio NP:DNA that led to better transfection results 2.5:1 and 1.25:1 where selected. Trying to improve those results HSA was adsorbed to the surface of the nanoparticles at different concentrations previous to the complexation with DNA at the ratio 1.25:1 NP:DNA. The influence of the serum in the transfection media was also assessed. Results wer compared with naked DNA and CaCl2 (positive control). The results are representative of 4 different assays for NP:DNA and 2 different assays for NP:HSA:DNA . Transfection is presented in Relative light units / μg protein (Error bars represent standard deviation of the mean, n=3).