Figure 3: Comparative analyses of the ssAAV2-ApoE/hAAT-hF.IX vectormediated transduction efficiency in hepatocytes with and without coadministration of scAAV8-PP5 helper-viruses in C57BL/6 mice in vivo. (A) Human F.IX (hF.IX) expression in plasma was determined as a function of time after injection of 1x1010 or 5x1010 vgs of each vector/animal. Data are mean SEM (n=4 per experimental group). (B) Representative liver sections obtained 10 weeks following injection of ssAAV2-hAAT-hF.IX vectors (AAV2-F.IX) with or without scAAV8-TTR-PP5 helper-virus (PP5). Sections were immuno-fluorescently stained for hF.IX and the ranges of percent positive hepatocytes for each group are shown in each panel. Original magnification: 200x.