Figure 3: (A) A sausage-shaped balloon catheter is positioned in the inferior vena cava (IVC) under fluoroscopic guidance. Inflation of the balloon results in hepatic venous outflow occlusion from the hepatic veins (HV). The HDAd is administered by injection through a percutaneously positioned hepatic artery (HA) catheter. (B) Plasma hFIX levels in rhesus macaques. Rhesus 17664 and 17633 were injected with 1x1012 vp/kg; 17650 and 18407 with 1x1011 vp/kg; 19152 with 3x1010 vp/kg; 19313 with 1x1010 vp/kg. Normal; >30% of normal. Mild; >5% to 30 of normal. Moderate; ≥ 1% to 5% of normal. Severe; <1% of normal. Normal hFIX level is ~5,000 ng/ml. Adapted from Brunetti-Pierri et al. [46-47].