Stage One Concept Design
• Establish need for health analytics project
• Define problem Statement
• Why is project important and significant?
Stage Two Proposal
• Abstract   - Summarize proposal
• Introduction • What is problem being addressed?
• Why is it important and interesting?
• Why health analytics approach?
• Background material
• Problem domain discussion
• Prior projects and research
Stage Three Methodology
• Hypothesis development
• Data sources & collection
• Variable selection (independent and dependent variables)
• ETL and data transformation
• Platform/Tool Selection
• Analytic techniques
• Expected results & conclusions
• Policy implications
• Scope & limitations
• Future research
• Implementation
o Develop conceptual architecture   
-Show and describe component (e.g., Figure 1)
-Show and describe analytic platform/tools
o Execute steps in methodology
o Import data
o Perform various analytics using various techniques (queries, reports, analysis, data mining, etc.)
o Gain insight from outputs
o Draw conclusion
o Derive policy implications
o Make informed decisions
Stage Four • Presentation and walkthrough
• Evaluation
Table 1: Stage Three Outline of health analytics methodology.