Stages Site of Infection
Prenatal Antenatal steroid, tocolitic agents (intensive discussion with obstetrician and neonatologist)
At delivery Non-traumatic, minimal handling (CS is exceptional) Deliver with intact fetal membrane and umbilical cord
After birth
  • Promote placental-fetal transfusion (cord milking)
  • Prevention infection (prophylactic anti-fungus drugs)
  • Steroid to stabilize blood pressure
  • UV catheter for 5-7days to avoid excess handling
  • Bio-protection by Colostrums, Priming intestine
  • Meticulous follow up and support
  • Ethical consideration Viability limit, Do-not-resuscitate order Escape from eugenic thought
    Table 7: Specific management of infants at 22-23 weeks of gestation.