Figure 3: CT and PET images of primary tumors in a rabbit model acquired using a contrast agent comprising a liposome encapsulating the iodine-based contrast agent Omnipaque (iohexol) and the MRI contrast agent Prohance (gadoteridol). In this study the liposomal contrast agent was injected 7 days after tumor inoculation. 5 days later, an injection of the radionucleide 18F-FDG was administered and 1 hour later the PET and CT images were acquired. Effective visualization of the tumors (indicated by the arrow) on the CT image was confirmed with the overlaid PET scan. (From: Liposome contrast agent for CT-based detection and localization of neoplastic and inflammatory lesions in rabbits: validation with FDG-PET and histology Zheng J Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging 2010) [86].