Vo (V) ND (cm-3) EF (eV) ΔΦB (eV) WD (cm) ΦB (eV) Em (V/cm)
MS 0.608 4.48x1014 0.27 0.010971 1.44x10-4 0.892 9.866x103
MPS 0.802 8.07x1014 0.26 0.0135 1.18x10-4 1.073 1.459x104
  Vo(V) ND (cm-3) EF (eV) ΔΦB (eV) WD (cm) ΦB (eV) Em (V/cm)
MS 0.541 1.49x1015 0.25 0.013855 6.88x10-5 0.798 1.57x104
MPS 0.328 8.67x1014 0.26 0.010676 7.03x10-5 0.602 9.34x103
Table 2: The obtained Vo, ND, EF, WD , Em , ΔφB and φB(C-V) values for MS and MPS type SBDs in dark, and under illumination conditions at room temperature, and 1MHz.