Timing of Homeopathic Medicine Dose Relative to Experimentally-Induced Injury Impact after 1 hour on Injury-Related Edema Compared with Saline Control Treatment
60 minutes before injury induction +14.6%*
Simultaneously with injury induction +3.57%
30 minutes after injury induction -13.63%**
* p<0.05
Note: Experimental acute injury = carrageenan-induced paw edema. Verum medicine and saline control treatments were also given by injection
Table 1: Timing of intervention interacts with host state: bidirectional effects of a combination mineral homeopathic medicine dose relative to time of treatment versus time of experimental injury in an animal model of paw edema (N=307 rats). Data from first hour post-dose, after Figure 1, Bertani et al. [74].