Figure 3: The time course of 3H-nanozyme loaded to BMM and cell-free in the main organs of MPTP-intoxicated mice. Nanozyme loaded into BMM (black diamonds) or cell-free nanozyme (white squares) was administered into tail vein in mice with MPTP injections. At different times after injection, mice were anesthetized, and subjected to transcardial perfusion with 4% ice-cold paraformaldehyde in PBS. The brain (A), spleen (B), liver (C), and kidney (D) were collected, and the level of radioactivity was recorded. The nanozyme organ content was expressed in μg catalase/mg tissue. Five mice were used for each treatment group. BMM loaded ex vivo with nanozyme, and administered into the blood stream increased drug accumulation levels in the main organs compared to the cell-free catalase nanoformulation.