Figure 4: (a) Identification of 2-hexanone degradation intermediates in the resting cell study, carried out by taking 2-hexanone-induced resting cells of strain MB-P1. The cell protein concentration was 0.5 mg ml-1. (), 2-hexanone; (), butyl acetate; (), butyl alcohol. (b) Degradation kinetics of 2-hexanone, butyl acetate, and butyl alcohol by 2-hexanone-induced and un-induced resting cells of Rhodococcus sp. strain MB-P1. (), 2-hexanone by induced cells; (), butyl acetate by induced cells; (),butyl alcohol by induced cells; (), 2-hexanone by un-induced cells; (), butyl acetate by un-induced cells; (), butyl alcohol by un-induced cells; (), 2-hexanone in abiotic control. Values are presented as arithmetic mean of data obtained from experiments carried out in triplicate; error bars represent standard deviation.