Figure 3: Species specific PCR Amplification of H3 gene cluster: Primers HFUSF and HFUSR1 were used for amplification of 200 bp fragment of H3 gene cluster of F. udum from different samples. (a) Lane 1 to 20 are F. udum isolates listed in the Table 1, (b) Lane 21-conidial suspension, Lane 22-pure culture, Lane 23,24 infected seedlings (ISD1-3), Lane 2628 infected plant root (IPR1- 3), Lane 2931 Infected plant stem (IPS1-3), Lane 3234 Agricultural plant root (APR1-3), Lane 3537 Agricultural plant stem (APS1-3), Lane 3740 Agricultural rhizosphere soils (ARS1-3) as listed in Table 3. M-1 kb molecular ladder.