Figure 2: Diagrams of the constructs for recombinant viruses. The top three diagrams represent the genome structures of original viruses. White, gray and black boxes are SAFV-3, TMEV-DA and TMEV-GDVII, respectively. In DAVP1/SAFV, the VP1 coding region of SAFV-3 was replaced with that of TMEV-DA. In DAVP12/ SAFV, the VP1 and VP2 coding regions of SAFV-3 were replaced with those of TMEV-DA. In GDVP1/SAFV and GDVP12/SAFV, the same recombination was designed. In DAL/SAFV, the L coding region from SAFV-3 was replaced with that of TMEV-DA. Vice versa recombination was designed in SAFL/DA. DAL/SAFV and SAFL/DA were generated as a control for reverse genetics of recombinant viruses.