2969-2965 Anti symmetric n-alkalene
2929-2912 Antisymmetric  CH2 stretch n-alkalene
2884-2883 Symmetric CH3 stretch n-alkalene
2861-2849             Symmetric CH2 stretch n-alkalene
1466-1468 CH3 deformation n-alkanes
1375-1360 Symmetric NO2 stretch Secondary nitro alkanes
1282-1275 Symmetric NO2 stretch Alkyl nitrates
1280-1240 Ring stretch Epoxy derivatives
1145-1125 Symmetric SO2 strectch Dialkyl sulfones
1070-1040  S=O stretch(1 or 2 bands) Aliphatic sulfoxides
1040-990 Ring vibrations Pyrazoles
1010-990 Triagonal ring breathing Mono meta and 1,3,5 substituted benzene
984.30 Ring breathing Benzene
951.65  S bond CH3 rocking vibration Methyl Sulphonate
884.59 Weak vibration Thiophene
818 Ring breathing Tetra hydro pyran
760-650 Symmetrical skeletal stretching Tert-butyl group
730-720 CCl stretch PC conformation Primary chloroalkanes
Table 8: FT-IR analysis of T. patula leaves.