Location Percent AMF root colonization Total No. of AMF spores/100 g of soil Positive for AMF in the roots Positive for AMF in the root zone soils
S1-Awaro 96.5 a 1085 a Glomus aggregatum Glomus aggregatum, G. deserticola, Acaulospora delegata, A. scrobiculata, Gigaspora margarita.
S2-Qora 84.5 b 986 b Glomus aggregatum Glomus aggregatum, G. fasciculatum, Acaulospora scrobiculata, G. margarita
S3-Nagafile 56.5 c 425 c Glomus fasciculatum G.aggregatum, G. fasciculatum, G. geosporum, G. macrocarpum, G. margarita, Scutellospora heterogama.
S4-I/D Ajo 32.6 d 154 d Glomus fasciculatum Glomus aggregatum, G. fasciculatum, G. margarita, S. calospora, S. heterogama.
Means in the same column followed by the same superscript letter do not differ significantly, according to DMRT (P<0.01).
Table 1: Colonization and spore density of AMF from rhizosphere soils of onion.