Treatment Germination % Survival %
Control 61.1h 85.7h
Control+B.pumulis 65.4g 89.1fg
Control+P.pseudoalcaligenes 71.8de 91.3ef
Control+S. maltophilia 69.2ef 93.2de
Control+B.pumulis+P. pseudoalcaligenes 78.4b 112.3c
Control+B. pumulis+S. maltophilia 74.4cd 98.6d
Control+S. maltophilia+P. pseudoalcaligenes 76.3c 141.3ab
Control+S. maltophilia+B. pumilus+ P. pseudoalcaligenes 81.7a 152.7a
Values are mean of three replications. Means within columns sharing the same letters are not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05; LSD test).
Table 4: Effect of isolates alone and in combination on the germination and survival percentage.