Bacterial Strain Co-inoculated % Disease Index Plant Height (cm) Root Length (cm) Dry Weight (g plant-1)
Control Nil 68.8h 11.2h 2.3h
Control+B. pumilus+Pathogen 43.2 70.6g 13.5f 2.74d
Control+P. pseudoalcaligenes+Pathogen 38.2 77.4b 17.1b 3.85a
Control+S. maltophilia+Pathogen 44.6 72.3ef 15.6 d 3.63b
Control+B. pumilus+P. pseudoalcaligenes+Pathogen 39.6 74.6de 16.3c 2.63de
Control+S. maltophilia+P. pseudoalcaligenes+Pathogen 36.4 76.7bc 14.1e 2.41f
Control+S. maltophilia+B. pumilus+Pathogen 41.5 75.7cd 12.2g 2.32gf
Control+S. maltophilia+B. pumilus+ P. pseudoalcaligenes+Pathogen 31.4 82.1a 18.3a 2.94c
Control+Pathogen 76.4 65.5i 10.2i 2.14i
Values are mean of three replications. Means within columns sharing the same letters are not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05; LSD test)
Table 5: Effect of isolates on disease index and growth parameter under Greenhouse study (n=3).