Treatment Yield Kg/ha Grain Straw
Control 704i 1213i
Control+ B.pumulis 841h 1450gh
Contro+ P.pseudoalcaligenes 973ab 1573a
Control + S. maltophilia 876fg 1465ef
Control+B. pumulis+P. pseudoalcaligenes 892ef 1476de
Control+ B. pumulis+S.maltophilia 912e 1453fg
Control+S. maltophilia+P. pseudoalcaligenes 978a 1553b
Control+S. maltophilia+B. pumilus 945d 1487d
Control+S. maltophilia+B. pumilus+P. pseudoalcaligenes 961bc 1526c
Values are mean of three replications. Means within columns sharing the same letters are not significantly different (p≤ 0.05; LSD test)
Table 6: Effect of isolated PGPR on grain and straw yield kg/ha.