Figure 2: Expression of Chitinase PR gene in tomato roots. 1-control (genetic pool plant life by Rhizoctonia solani and F. oxysporum), 2-F+B after 2 h; 3-F+T after 2 h; 4-R+B after 2 h; 5-R+T after 2 h; 6-F+B after 4 h; 7-F+T after 4 h; 8- R+B after 4 h; 9-R+T after 4 h; 10-F +B after 6 h; 11-F+T after 6 h; 12-R+B after 6 h; 13-R+T after 6 h; 14-F +B after 8 h; 15-F+T after 8 h; 16-R+B after 8; 17-R+T after 8 h; 18-F +B after 24 h; 19-F+T after 24 h; 20-R+B after 24; 21-R+T after 24 h; 22-uninfected plants. (F=F. oxysporum; R=Rhizoctonia solani; B=Bacillus subtilis; T=Trichoderma viride).