Figure 5: Morphology of asexual structures of Phytophthora mississippiae: A-G) Nonpapillate, noncaducous sporangia in various shapes; A) An obpyriform to ovoid sporangium; B, C:Obpyriform sporangia; D) An ovoid sporangium; E) An slightly excentric, ellipsoid sporangium; F) A secondary, ovoid sporangium; G) A secondary, obpyriform sporangium; H) A semipapillate, ovoid sporangium; I) A semipapillate, ellipsoid sporangium; J) A semipapillate sporangium right before releasing zoospores; K) A sporangium releasing zoospores; L) Internal extended proliferation; M) Nesting proliferation; N) Smooth, flat mycelia; O) Coiled mycelia; P) Swollen mycelia; Q) Catenulate hyphal swellings.
Bars=10 µm.