Isolate ITS1 ITS2
15 43 44 98 106 173 469 517 553 582 588 608 652 740 744 787
  Phytophthora mississippiae                    
57J1, 57J2 A T A C A C C T C G G C T T G -
57J3, 57J4 A T A C G T T T C G G C T T G -
  Phytophthora borealis                      
AKWA58.1-0708 - T A Y G C T T C S G Y G G G -
  Phytophthora gonapodyides                    
34A8 A A T C G T T G T G A C G T A T
Table 2: Polymorphic nucleotides in the sequences of internal transcribed spacer region (ITS) among Phytophthora mississippiae isolates and the type isolates of P. borealis and P. gonapodyides. Compared to the sequence of P. mississippiae type isolate 57J3, the differential nucleotides of isolates 57J1 and 57J2, P. borealis, and P. gonapodyides are shaded.