Treatments Initial white rot incidence (%)1 Final white rot incidence (%)2 White rot severity3 (%) Sclerotia density 500 g-1* AUDPC
Local+Captan 19.15b 33.91b 21.51b 20.52b 2109.3b
Local+Mancozeb 20.07b 39.45b 21.46b 24.83b 2219.5b
Local+Tebuconazole 5.58c 13.60c 8.65c 10c 661.7c
Control 33.08a 53.68a 37.31a 44.86a 3211.2a
CV (%) 19.99 14.19 13.86 10.99 10.61
LSD (5%) 7.33 9.39 5.80 5.19 409.53
Means in every columns with same letters are not significant difference at (P<0.05) CV=Coefficient of Variation; LSD=Least Significant Difference
1Initial white rot incidence at 40 days after planting (DAP)
2Final white rot incidence at 115 days after planting (DAP)
3White rot severity on harvested bulbs; ns=no significant difference
*Sclerotial density at harvest per 500 g of soil sample
AUDPC=Area under Disease Progress Curve
Table 1: Effect of fungicide treatment of garlic cloves on white rot incidence, severity, sclerotial density and AUDPC at Mekell, Ethiopia.