Treatments Initial stand count (%)1 Plant height (cm) Bulb harvested (%)2 Total yield (t ha-1) Marketable
Yield ( t ha-1)
Local+Captan 74.34b 70.38a 87.10b 4.79b 4.04b
Local+Mancozeb 71.97b 69.42a 86.42b 4.39b 3.67b
Local+Tebuconazole 83.37a 75.62a 94.07a 6.92a 6.1a
Control 64.02c 55.01b 70.69c 3.09c 2.24c
CV (%) 4.16 6.16 2.84 6.34 15.85
LSD (5%) 5.75 7.84 4.53 0.57 1.20
Means in every column with same letters are not significant different at (P<0.05)
ns=no significant difference; CV=Coefficient of Variation
LSD=Least Significant Difference;
1Inital stand after 30 DAP of planting.
2Bulbs as percent of initial stand count
Table 3: Effect of fungicide treatment of garlic cloves on yield and yield components in (Sclerotium cepivorum) infested field at Mekelle, Ethiopia.