Shootdry weight Nodulenumber/plant Noduledry weight Totalnitrogen content (mg/plant) Chlorophylla content Chlorophyllb content
Treatment (gm/plant) (mg/plant) (mg/cm2) (mg/cm2)
  F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843 F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843 F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843 F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843 F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843 F. faba Misr1 F. faba Giza 843
Non-infestedcontrol 9.13d  8.14g 19.33e 17.83d 213d 150g 47.81h 51.61g 0.26b 0.28b 0.31c 0.17a
Infestedcontrol 7.27e  4.04h 12.82f 8.25e 135e 243ef 38.41i 40.82h 0.17e 0.19c 0.22d 0.16a
R. leguminosarum 312 8.23d  9.38f 27.31d 27.52c 258cd 255ef 61.30g 73.23f 0.29ab 0.23b 0.44ab 0.17a
R. leguminosarum 317 8.45d 11.12d 32.33c 27.33c 268c 225f 82.33de 76.84e 0.23c 0.26b 0.38ab 0.18a
R. leguminosarum 302 7.21 e 10.12d 36.11c 27.03c 250cd 235f 85.61f 72.52f 0.35ab 0.23b 0.43ab 0.19a
R. leguminosarum 313 7.43e 11.23d 32.51c 25.52c 253cd 275ef 70.80f 76.42e 0.22cd 0.24b 0.13c 0.18a
R. leguminosarum 312+317 10.33c 11.93c 26.51e 35.53b 340b 393b 88.91c 86.11b 0.29ab 0.32b 0.46a 0.21a
R. leguminosarum 313+317 9.35d 10.73d 42.52b 34.04b 390b 338cd 86.81d 81.11d 0.27b 0.33b 0.35b 0.21a
R. leguminosarum 312+302 8.33d 10.81d 43.81b 36.06b 363b 382bc 84.72de 82.51c 0.21cd 0.31b 0.33c 0.22a
R. leguminosarum 312+313 8.89 d 9.61 ef 46.33b 34.30b 360b 320d 85.42de 83.23c 0.21cd 0.29b 0.35b 0.24a
R. leguminosarum 302+317 9.03 d 11.52d 42.11b 33.16b 343b 335cd 77.81e 89.63b 0.23d 0.27b 0.34b 0.24a
Mixture 10.5b 13.21b 57.57a 47.55a 460a 443a 93.52b 96.93a 0.26b 0.35a 0.41ab 0.24a
Azotobacter chroococcum 9.66 d 10.33d 22.82e 19.35d 248cd 245ef 71.23f 75.13e 0.22cd 0.28b 0.36b 0.24a
Composttea 13.17a 15.23a 34.33c 23.53c 280c 298de 101.71a 99.53a 0.33a 0.27b 0.41ab 0.24a
Different letters on the column for each parameter (V. faba Misr 1 and V. faba Giza 843) are differ significantly at p ≤ 0.05.
Table 2: Influence of different microbial treatments and compost tea on shoot dry weight, nodule number, nodule dry weight, total nitrogen content, chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b contents in faba bean in experiment done in 2011.