Species Colony character(4th day after inoculation) Radial growth  (mm) Conidial morphology
Shape L/W (µm)
THK Dark green sporulation 88.3 Globose to ellipsoidal 2.9x3.2 (3.1)*
THA Green to bright green sporulation 88.7 Globose to broadly ellipsoidal 3.2x3.3 (3.4)
TVP Dull green sporulation 86.3 Ellipsoidal 2.8x2.9 (2.9)
TVE Deep green sporulation 87.0 Subglobose to ellipsoidal 2.3x2.8 (2.6)
TVC Dark green to dull blackish green sporulation 86.7 Subglobose to ellipsoidal 2.7x2.8 (2.8)
THO Dark green sporulation 88.0 Globose  to ellipsoidal 3.0x3.0 (3.0)
THN Complete dark green sporulation 88.0 Globose to ellipsoidal 2.9x2.8 (2.9)
*Ratio of length to width.
Table 2: Morphological characteristics of Trichoderma species isolated from ribbon plant rhizosphere.