Species Content of total phenols (mg/g )
May June August September
P.bretschnrideri Rehd. (n=6) 3.0±0.6a 3.1±0.6a 4.4±0.4a 4.0±0.1b
P.pyrifolia Burm Nakai.(n=3) 4.0±1.4a 2.3±0.6a 4.7±0.5a 6.0±0.8ab
P.communis Linn. (n=4) 4.0±4.0a 3.7±0.8a 5.9±1.6a 8.7±2.6a
P.hybrid (n=16) 2.3±2.3a 2.5±0.3a 4.3±0.3a 3.9±0.4b
Values in column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P=0.05
Table 3: Changes in total phenolic content (Mean ± S.E. in mg/g DW) in pear leaves of four different interspecies over a cropping season.