Temperature (°C) Plant species Zone of inhibition (mm)a Scale
Room temperature (ca. 22 ) Prosopisjuliflora 29.7b 4
Acacia albida 18.7c 4
  Dovyalisabyssinica  10.7d 4
  Argemonemexicana 9.3e 4
  Vernoniaamygdalina 8.7e 4
  Azadirachtaindica 6.5f 3.5
60 Prosopisjuliflora     30.7b 4
  Acacia albida 19.0c 4
  Dovyalisabyssinica    11.0d 4
  Argemonemexicana 9.7e 4
  Vernoniaamygdalina 9.0e 4
  Azadirachtaindica 7.0f 4
Control Carbendazim (ca. 22°C)      51.0a 4
  Distilled water (ca. 22°C) 0g 0
CV (%)                   3.53  
aValues are means of three replications.
Means within a column followed by the same letter are not statistically different (P<0.05), DMRT.
Table 3: Thermal inactivation of in vitro activity of six plant extracts against Colletotrichum musae four days after incubation.