Seed production location Method Number of Sample Fusariummoniliforme Pyryiculariaoryzae Bipolarisoryzae Aspergillusniger Aspergillusflavus Penicillium sp. Alternariapadwickii %total infection
Amlash PDA 5 0g* 2.51b 6.2b 5.14f 16.33ab 2.06e 0g 19.40d
Blotter 5 0.25f 0e 4.68bc 3.32f 11.94dc 1.31ef 0.90e 17.79d
Zeybakenar PDA 5 2.06d 0e 6.15c 35.14c 17.29a 3.12bc 0g 39.17b
Blotter 5 0.85e 0.45d 3.73d 23.99d 15.52ab 2.57bc 1.31d 30.09c
Rasht PDA 5 7.1a 2.47c 1.05f 50.62a 14.26bc 1.05f 6.15a 56.67a
Blotter 5 2.72bc 0e 1.56e 41.79b 17.19a 1.76d 3.78b 61.80a
Talesh PDA 5 0g 4.78a 8.21a 14.26e 11.24de 12.3a 2.11c 28.48bc
Blotter 5 1.15d 0.45d 5.79bc 11.14e 6.25f 2.16dc 0g 20.21d
Rostam-Abad PDA 5 2.11c 0e 5.39bc 18.04e 9.12e 4.13b 0g 32.46bc
Blotter 5 2.21b 0e 2.92d 4.94f 2.47g 1.31ef 0.45f 12.35e
*Mean in each column followed by similar letters are not significantly different at 5% level, according to LSD Test.
Table 3: Mean comparison of seed-born fungi at rice seed samples in different locations of seed production of Guilan province based on PDA and Blotter methods.