Seed production Location Gmax R50 GU D10 D50 D95 EC
Amlash 98a* 0.0148ab 29.55ab 53.92c 67.43c 87.84b 47.38a
Zeybakenar 93.4b 0.0145b 41.09a 53.18c 70.46b 103.52a 38.72d
Rasht 90.6c 0.0139c 38.39b 57.74b 73.36a 100.44a 43.68b
Talesh 91.6bc 0.0136c 33.03c 62.27a 74.64a 102.9a 39.85c
Rostam-Abad 97.8a 0.015a 24.29e 55.94b 66.55c 85.29b 33.51e
*Mean in each column followed by similar letters are not significantly different at 5% level, according to LSD Test.
Table 7: Mean comparison for percent of germination [Gmax], germination rate [R50], uniformity of germination [GU], D10, D50 and 95 [in order of time that it takes to cumulative germination percentage reach its maximum 10, 50 and 95] and electrical conductivity [micro Siemens. cm-1. g-1] in different locations of seed production of Guilan province.