Treatments Shoot length (cm) Plant height (cm) Fresh biomass wt. (g) Root length (cm) Fresh bulb biomass (g) Bulb diameter (cm) Drybiomass wt. of plants (g) Number of cloves bulb-1 Wt.of cloves/bulb/ plant (g)
1 4.57fg 11.57cd 10.43c 6.50c 12.50d 0.70klm 6.93c 0.80lm 1.12kl
2 0.00g  0.00h  0.00n 0.00h 0.00e 0.00m 0.00h 0.00m 0.00 l
3 9.90abcdef  5.90efg 5.57defghij 2.67defg 0.87e 2.57lm 0.38h 1.78jkl 1.21ijk
4 7.10bcdef  6.93defg 0.87mn 0.60gh 0.10e 0.53lm 0.47h 1.22kl 1.12jk
5 6.67bcdef  9.63cdef 3.73ijklm 1.97defgh 0.50e 2.57bcd 0.35h 1.67jkl 1.50fghijk
6 9.83abcdef 10.27cdef 3.10jklmn 1.93defgh 0.33e 2.87b 0.93h 2.34hijk 1.38ghijk
7 11.53abc  7.23defg 7.77cdef 3.30de 1.13e 2.80bc 1.29h 3.78defg 2.07cdefghij
8 13.23a 34.67ab 38.23ab 13.57b 26.07b 5.50a 27.72b 8.89c 7.69a
9 7.43abcdef  7.70defg  5.10fghijk 1.93defgh 0.77e 2.53bcd 2.21defgh 3.67defg 2.39bcdefgh
10 11.33abcd 10.20cdef  5.37efghij k 2.13defg 0.80e 2.80bc 3.71defg 4.22def 2.59bcdef
11 8.90abcdef 11.10cde  7.40cdefg 2.00defgh 1.57e 2.23bcdef 3.85def 4.55d 2.69bcde
12 6.50bcdef 11.77cd  8.80 cd 3.27de 1.57e 2.40bcde 4.27cde 4.11defg 2.96bcd
13 5.50defg  8.63cdefg  7.10defgh 2.20defg 1.00e 2.67bc 4.54cd 3.67defg 2.52bcdef
14 5.97bcdefg 11.93cd  8.63cde 2.83def 1.77e 2.65bcde 4.08de 4.22def 3.42b
15 7.77abcdef 13.43 C 6.73defghi 3.30de 1.57e 2.43bcde 4.19cde 4.33de 3.17bc
16 11.83ab 38.27a 40.87a 14.57b 33.93a 5.57a 34.40a 11.78a 8.44a
17 8.10abcdef 10.37cdef 2.97jklmn 1.83defgh 0.97e 1.47ghij 2.07defgh 4.00 defg 2.50bcdef
18 5.67cdefg  5.97efg 2.37jklmn 1.00fgh 0.23e 1.40hijk 1.17fgh 4.33de 3.15bc
19 9.70abcdef  8.00defg  5.23fghijk 2.60defg 0.87e 1.57fghij 1.74efgh 4.34de 2.42bcdefg
20 10.67abcde  8.63cdefg  8.67cd 2.70def 1.07e 2.17fbcdefg 4.34cde 4.34efghi 2.98bcd
21 11.07abcd 32.83b 37.43b 20.70a 18.50c 5.10a 29.80b 10.11b 7.46a
22 4.67efg  5.77fg 1.63lmn 1.17fgh 0.27e 1.13ijkl 0.70h 3.44defgh 1.90defghijk
23 7.97abcdef  8.47cdefg  2.60jklmn 1.23efgh 0.37e 1.07jkl 1.24fgh 3.33fghi 2.40bcdefgh
24 7.13abcdef  4.30h  2.40jklmn 1.10fgh 0.30e 0.57lm 1.13fgh 3.44defgh 2.00defghij
25 9.07abcdef  9.40cdefg  2.23klmn 1.07fgh 0.70e 0.53lm 0.88h 3.00ghi 2.29defghi
26 10.87abcd  9.30cdefg 4.33hijkl 3.33d 0.57e 1.50fghij 2.37defgh 3.22efghi 1.68efghijk
27 9.83abcdef  7.33defg  3.13 jklmn 1.53defgh 0.37e 1.77fghij 0.95h 3.22efghi 1.92defghij
28 7.90abcdef  5.57fg 3.83ijklmn 1.47defgh 0.50e 2.13bcdefgh 2.08defgh 2.44hij 1.62efghijk
29 5.67cdefg  6.85defg 2.57jklmn 1.23efgh 0.33e 2.00cdefgh 1.21fgh 1.67jkl 1.49fghijk
30 5.40defg  5.40fg 2.10lkmn 0.87fgh 0.30e 1.77efghij 0.98h 2.22ijkl 1.31hijk
31 10.23abcdef  7.83defg 4.10hijkl 1.33defgh 0.77e 1.83efghi 2.11defgh 3.78defg 2.41bcdefgh
LSD (5%) 6.0146 2.001 3.2858 2.084 3.0388 2.003 2.7703 1.1034 2.002
CV (%)  45.30 30.19 25.42 37.34 52.17 21.72 34.58 25.71 16.53
Means in every column with the same letters are not significantly different at 5% significance level.
LSD: Least Significant Difference; CV: Coefficient of Variation.
Table 3: Effects of different treatments on the growth and biomass of garlic plant parts.