Figure 1: a) Schematic representation map of pAA1 cassette expressing Cut hairpin RNA, conferring the cutinase gene in Colletotrichum truncatum. The pAA1 recombinant silencing plasmid was derived from pJF1_ShhGFP. pJF1_ShhGFP was a derivative of plasmid pJF1. Arrows indicate the direction of the Cut gene fragment. In represents the 57-bp intron from CtCut1. ToxA represents the Pyrenophora tritici-repentis ToxA promoter and Nos represents Nos terminator. Restriction enzymes site: H, HindIII; S, SmaI; Xb, XbaI; B, BamHI and E, EcoRI. The nucleotide sequence of the cutinase gene is available from the NCBI database (Accession no. HQ406775). b) Plasmid map of pAA1.