Figure 3: Nucleotide sequence of a cloned genomic DNA for Colletotrichum truncatum isolate F8-3B CtCut1 gene (accession no. HQ406775). The deduced amino acid sequence is shown above the open reading frame. The untranslated sequence gap beginning at nucleotide 868 is a 57-bp intron. The CAAT and TAAATA boxes for transcription as well as the potential polyadenylation site, TAAA are underlined. The three potential AATs are italized. The ‘*’ indicates the stop codon of the ORF (represented by the amino acid sequences). ‘˚’ represents the false stop codon in the intron region. Translation was carried out using SIXFRAME (Biology Workbench 3.2, University of California San Diego, 1999). Primer sites used to amplify the gene are shaded in grey. Bolded nucleotide sequence was used as probe in Southern analysis. The cutinase cDNA fragment was also used to generate the hairpin transcriptional unit for RNAi silencing.