Figure 4: Micrographs of predominant fungi pathogens of edible bamboo Dendrocalamus hamiltonii cultured on V8 agar medium. a: Peyronellaea glomerata strain b116 showing details of hyphae, conidia and bar=30 μm. b: Alternaria sp. strain b117 showing details of hyphae, conidium and bar=10 μm. c: Cochliobolus lunatus strain L26 showing details of conidia and bar=20 μm. d: Fusarium oxysporum strain b129 and bar=25 μm. e: Aspergillus flavus strain L12 and bar=20 μm. f: Hypocreales sp. strain B101 and scale bar=10 μm. Images were acquired with Olympus DP70 camera (Olympus BX61, USA) at 1000× magnification.