PGPR Plant Conditions Results of addition of bacteria to plantsĀ  Reference
  Pseudomonas sp. PS1 Greengram(Vigna radiate (L.) wilczek Pots Significantly increased plant dry weight, nodule nubers, total chlorophyll content, leghaemoglobin, root N, shootN, root P, shoot P, seed yield and seed protein [26-28]
  Bradyrhizobium MRM6 Greengram(Vigna radiate (L.) wilczek)Soybean, Wheat Pots When herbicide tolerant Rhizobium strain MRP1 was used with herbicide, it increased the growth parameters at alltested concentrations of herbicides (quizalafop-p-ethyl and clodinafop) [29,30]
  Pseudomonassp.   Paenibacilluspolymyxa     Pepper     Zea mays L. (maize) Fields   Gnotobiotic conditions     Significantly increased soilenzyme activities, total productivity, and nutrient uptake. Significantly increased thebiomass of plants and elicited induced systemic resistance against bacterial spot pathogen Xanthomonasaxonopodispv. Vesicatoria untreated plants. [31]   [32]    
Enterobactersakazaki8MR5   Pots Inoculation increased growth parameters [33]
Table 1: Examples of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria tested for various crop types.