Figure 2: Effect of FSH (0,1,10,100 ng/ml) and transfection with human p21 cDNA on the release of P4 (a) and IGF-I (b) Monolayer of granulosa cells of prepubertal gilts were transfected with human p21 or EGFP gene construct (as control) and after 30 hours of incubation with or without FSH (0,1,10,100 ng/ ml medium) analyzed by RIA. Data are the mean +- S.E.M. a - Effect of FSH addition: significant (P < 0.05) differences between cells cultured with (1,10 or 100 ng/ml) and without (0 ng/ml) FSH. b - Effect of transfection with p21 gene construct: significant differences between corresponding groups of cells transfected and not transfected with p21 cDNA construct.