Figure 5: Pregnancy induced changes in GR-a mRNA expression in human myometrium. GR-α expression levels in non-pregnant (NP), first trimester (1st), second trimester (2nd), term pregnant (P) and spontaneously labouring (L) human myometrial samples were assessed by semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis. Upper (U) and lower (L) uterine segment samples were examined in the P and L groups. Using GR-α specific primers a PCR product of 389bp was observed in all samples. A representative gel is presented in A and densitometry graph in B. All samples are plotted within the allotted patient groups. The bars represent means. (NP vs. PU/PL p<0.01; NP vs. LU/LL p<0.001) GAPDH housekeeping RT-PCR was used with each sample to confirm equal loading. No difference in expression was observed between the samples. A representative gel is presented in C. No signal was detected when nuclease free water was used as a DNA-free negative control (not shown).