Figure 2: Pathological findings of cortisol-producing lesions in left adrenal. Sections prepared from adrenal gland of the present case were examined histologically and immunohistochemically. (A) Double-immunostaining for CYP11B2 (blue) and CYP11B1 (brown). (B) Immunohistochemistry of 3β-HSD (brown). (C) Immunohistochemistry of CYP17 (brown). Panels (D) (E) (F) and (G) are showing histopathology of the attached adrenal tissue. Panel (D) and (G), Double-immunostaining of the adjacent adrenal for CYP11B2 (blue) and CYP11B1 (brown). There were multiple APCCs (indicated by arrow) at the adjacent adrenal cortex. Panel (E), Immunohistochemistry of the adjacent for 3β-HSD (brown). 3βHSD was expressed in the APCCs (indicated by arrow). Panel (F), Immunohistochemistry of the adjacent for CYP17 (brown). CYP17 was not expressed in the APCCs. Nuclei were counterstained with hematoxylin after immunostaining for 3β- HSD and CYP17.