Figure 3: Immunohistochemistry and mRNA expression of P4 targets (Hand2 and Areg ) in the rat uterus after treatment with vehicle control, genistein, kaempferol, and genistein+kaempferol for 8 days. Kaempferol induced expression of Hand2 protein (A) but not mRNA (B), and induced Areg mRNA (C) in the ovariectomized rat uterus. Arrows indicate the uterine stromal compartment. Bar=100μm. qPCR analyses were performed using SYBR technologies. Results were normalized to Rpl1 for Hand2 or Gapdh for Areg . Mean ± SEM, *p < 0.05, significantly different from control, #p < 0.05, significantly different between groups. Scale bar=100 μm.