Trial code Type of patients Trial design N.of patients Patientage, years Comparison Median FU, years
MRC cT2-4,any N Open, randomized 500 500 WW vs. GOS AA (or BOx) until progression (M0 patients only) <11
EORTC 30846 pN1-3 Open, randomized 234 71 (51-58) RT vs. RT+GOS (starting on day 1 of RT) for 3 years CPA oral for 28 days 8.5
EORTC 30891 T0-4 N0-2 M0 Open, randomized 985 73(52-81 WWvs.BUSCPAoral for14days (or subcapsular Ox) until progression 7.8
EPC WW subgroup Locally advanced:cT3- 4,any N or any T, N+ Double-blind randomized 657 67(38-93) BIC vs. placebo 5.4
  Localised:cT1-2,N0 or Nx Double-blind randomized 1627 67(38-93) BIC vs. placebo 5.4
SAKK 08/88 T0-4, N0-2, M0-1 (UICC 1982) Open, randomized 197 76(56-86) Immediate Ox vs. delayed Ox >5
GOS, goserelin 3.6 mg s.c. every 28 days; FLU, flutamide 250 mg oral three times daily; BIC, bicalutamide 150 mg once daily; BUS, buserelin 6.3 mg; CPA, cyproterone acetate; WW, watchful waiting; AA, antiandrogen; BOx, bilateral orchidectomy
Table 1: Trial characteristics.