Figure 4: Haematoxylin and eosin staining of the control (a-c) and SupraSeal® group (d-f): after two days, adhesion formation and fibrin deposits (*) were visible in the control group (arrows) (a, x100), whereas in the SupraSeal® group the entire surface and fibrin deposits (*) were covered by the barrier material (broad arrows) without adhesion formation (d, x100). Four days postoperatively there was a moderate formation of adhesions in the control specimens with small fibrin deposits (arrow head) (b, x200). In the SupraSeal® samples, the barrier material (B) was covered by almost flat cells with less adhesion formation compared to the control (e, x200). Eight days after surgery, in all specimens of the control as well as in parts of the barrier group adhesions composed of fat and connective tissue were detectable (c, x200; f, x200)