Figure 6: Histological and immunohistochemical staining of SupraSeal®-treated samples after two (a-c), four (d-f) and eight days (g-i): Minimal fibrosis was seen after two days (a, EvG, x100) and the inflammatory response was mild (b, ASD, x400). Macrophage infiltration was moderate two days postoperatively (c, anti-CD68 stain, x400). After four days, minimal fibrosis was detected in the elastica van Gieson (EvG) stain (d, x100). Inflammation was mild (e, ASD, 400x) and a moderate number of macrophages was present (f, anti-CD68 stain, x400). Eight days after surgery, the fibrosis band was still narrow in the EvG stain (g, x200). A moderate inflammatory reaction could be seen (h, ASD, x400) as well as a mild macrophage infiltration (i, anti-CD68 stain, x400).