Figure 6: Topographic analysis of mineral distribution within bone ossicles. In order to quantify the observed differences in mineral distribution throughout the ossicles, cross sectional slides where analyzed with a program designed to calculate the topographical distribution of the mineral. The program was set to analyze sections in 25% increments from centroid (a). Even distribution of boneinossicles produced by micromass seeding showed no significant differences in bone % between regions (b). Ossicles generated by scaffolds seeded through filtration showed a significant difference in mineral from the periphery (75-100%) to the core (0-25%); p<0.001. The amount of mineral content in 0-25th% of the micromassossicles was significantly greater than the filtered ossicles (p=0.0213), while the opposite is true for the periphery (p=0.0311). Horizontal bars indicate groups that are significantly different.