Figure 3: Papilloma outgrowth in HLA-A2.1 transgenic outbred rabbits after CRPVE1/161-169, 303-311, 245-253, 42-50, 149-157 or HPV16E7/82-90 epitope DNA vaccination. Four HLA-A2.1 transgenic rabbits immunized with each of the five epitopes or a HPV16E7/82-90 epitope DNA vaccine were challenged with wtCRPV and coCRPV at four left and right back sites respectively. Significantly smaller papillomas were found in all five epitope DNA vaccinated rabbits when compared with those in HPV16E7/82-90 vaccinated rabbits (P<0.01 vs. control group, unpaired student t test). Significant difference was found between four epitope CRPVE1/149-157, 161-169, 303-311, CRPVE1/42-50 and CRPVE1/245-253 epitope vaccinated rabbits (P<0.05, unpaired student t test).