Figure 2: GTF-I-specific serum IgG and IgA (A), and IgA antibody titers in saliva (B). Groups of mice were nasally immunized with 20µg of GTF-I alone (open bars) or 20µg of GTF-I plus 10µg of CpG ODN (closed bars) on days 0, 7, and 14. Serum and saliva samples were collected at day 21 and were assessed for 40k-OMP-specific antibody titers. The results are expressed as the mean S.E. obtained for five mice per group. The P values for serum IgG, IgA and salivary IgA antibody titers with GTF-I alone or with GTF-I plus CpG ODN are <0.05 when compared with PBS. *p<0.05, compared with GTF-I alone.