• Acceptable safety profile
  • Need for enhanced protection
  • Long persistence of protection needed to prevent new infections
  • Strong immune priming needed
  • Vaccination prevents from disease but not necessarily from infection
Differences HPV HBV
  • Risk of re-infection or new infection
  • Need of local protection with high antibody level at site of infection
  • Need to prevent infection
  • Antibodies migrate from serum to mucosa by transudation or exudation
  • Role of B-memory and vaccine anamnestic response unknown up to now
  • No serological correlate of protection identified
  • Serological correlate of protection identified
  • Role of B cell memory established, protection observed in absence of circulating antibodies
  • Immunocompromised patients are in need of higher doses and of booster dose
Table 3: Similarities and differences for HBV and HPV vaccines.